Best Ergonomics of Galaxy S9

Considering the dimensions, curved screen and weight of the S8 and S8 +, you think that ergonomics will not be one of your strengths. And you’re wrong. When you have them in the hand they surprise by its lightness and its good grip. Everything is success. The company is going to catch a tremendous success once again by releasing another beast next year – The Samsung Galaxy S9 (releasing in March is on the cards). The ergonomics of ‘Killer’ S9 smartphone are also astonishing. Let’s discuss them one by one via this article.

Code name

Samsung has always given a code name to its flagships. For example, the code name for Galaxy S8 is Dream and for Galaxy S8+ it is Dream 2. In a similar way, the company has assigned code names for their two beasts – “Star” for Galaxy S9 and “Star 2” for Galaxy S9+.


There are a couple of notes: the volume buttons in Galaxy S8 may be slightly higher than we would like the position of the fingerprint detector. Until you get the practice, you’re going to put your finger on the lens of the rear camera. But in general, the ergonomics are very good and we think it is right. To bring the design concept of Galaxy S9 to light, it is worth mentioning that the designers, to terminate this kind of issue, have been relocated the fingerprint sensor position. Moreover, the S9 unlocking sensors – the facial recognition, smile recognition, iris recognition are quickest among its predecessors and will unlock your S9 phone instantly.


One of the big announcements and ambitious is Bixby, the virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence with which Samsung wants to compete with Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri but depending on the cloud. It will be focused on voice usage. In addition to this, Bixby 2.0 in upcoming Galaxy S9 will feature an improved, optimized Visual Recognition function.

Hardware and Storage

The Qualcomm 835 SoC processor in Galaxy S8 really astonished us. The company once again is going to give us a dynamic processor which can make your Gaming experience more spectacular. The company is working with Qualcomm for the next Galaxy S9 launch furnishing energetic Hardware: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor and Exynos 9810 processor and the icing on the cake is the powerful Adreno GPU. 550 MHz clock speed of Exynos is really a tough competitor to Snapdragon 835.

As far as the Storage is concerned, the 6/8GB RAM and 64/128GB RAM is also an astonishing feature.


And finally, let’s talk about the price. One of the great successes I think has been to keep the launch price below € 1,000, a barrier that many users would not dare to cross, Worth? I think so. By design, performance, and characteristics of the highest range. Of course, the price is always a relative and very personal issue. It is anticipated that Galaxy S9 will cost you up to 861.697 Euro.

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