The Most Recommended Semarang AttractionsYou Must See

It will be so great for you to choose Semarang as your destination for your holiday. It is because this specific beautiful city can really be the best tourism destination to offer you the remarkable things to do. So then, you will never run out of options in order to excite yourself in the best way possible. Even better, all of them will definitely be able to make your holiday become so much more awesome and fun at the same time. Then, luckily, below are some of the most recommended semarang attractions that you have to see whenever you go to the city. Well, let’s check them out below.

Here are some of the most recommended semarang attractionsthat you must see in order to make your holiday become so wonderful just like what you always expect. They are like:

  • The Maron Beach

When you visit Semarang City, it is actually so much recommended for you to come to the Maron Beach. It is located on the western side of the city or just few hundred meters on northern side of the Ahmad Yani Airport. The reason why this beach is so recommended for you to visit is because it can offer you the stunning and exotic natural views that you cannot find anywhere else. The clean and clear water on the beach is something that can please your eyes for sure. Aside of that, you will have the bigger chance to enjoy the underwater world which is full of colorful and attractive corals and fish. Then, the other best thing about this beach is that it will only require you to pay the cheap entrance fee which is about IDR 3,000. Nevertheless, it is so much important for you to be careful during your trip to the beach especially when the track gets slippery in the rainy season.

  • Mount Ungaran

Furthermore, the other recommended attraction that you cannot miss when you have a holiday in the city of Semarang is Mount Ungaran. You have to come to this place because it can show you the incredible and astonishing sceneries of the nature that you will make you amazed so greatly. The greeneries that you find during your trip there will definitely make you feel the fresh and relaxing nuance somehow. Even, it can get better if you explore the area around the mount by riding a horse that you can rent from the numerous horse rentals nearby at the price of $9.64. Not only that, you will be accompanied by the trustworthy guide to lead you to the best route. So, you will not only enjoy the trip, but also reach the historical Hindu temple of Gedong Songo.

After putting it all together, those are some of the most recommended semarang attractionsto seeduring your amazing holiday in the city. Basically, all of them will definitely help you to create the extraordinary moments when you spend your free time in Semarang City. Thus, you will find that your holiday can be so special and hard to forget for your entire life.



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